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Best in black! Father and son wearing the Black Panzer Uniform. His son wears the popular black version of the officer’s field cap. The Black, two-piece Panzer Uniform were worn by armored troops.

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20 points to the first person to guess what gun I got today!

Steyr M95

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Various uniforms of the army of the Republic of Texas.

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Say what you want

But Rick Perry’s doing the right thing.

While Grolsch sounds like a noise that Sean Connery would make, it’s actually pretty good.
My dad

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Seriously if Hemingway were alive today

Can you imagine him volunteering for a war?

It’d be like John Green joining fucking Xe International or the Syrian Army

All the vegan and lefty blogs posting Hemingway shit

He was a bullfighting alcoholic womanizing racist hunting-obsessed gun-nut cis white male.

If he were alive today you’d be calling for his public execution.

They confiscated everything! Even the stuff we didn’t steal!
Animal House