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One future project that I hope to do on this blog is to discuss much of the irony and flaws in democracy. Much of it will focus on American democracy, but with some further readings I hope to explore the subject of democracy worldwide. My own thoughts on its current state will be expressed later. but for now I’ll let Spider talk. 

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Partisan uniform lookin’ good….


Men who own guns are trying to compensate for their tiny dicks. Women who own guns are trying to compensate for their lack of dicks. Senator Feinstein in legislating guns has a massive dick that encircles the planet, slapping all ne’erdowells in the gob. Cocks falling from on high to stop crime. Don’t even think about crime, don’t even think about thin- *CRASH* *Sound of a cock flopping to the floor*

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Jewish Partisan unit in the Crimea, 1942.

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M42 “Duster” light armored vehicle, mounted with dual 40mm BOFORS cannons.